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Custom Built Gaming PCs

Some premade builds

Build 1

Perfect for simple office work or home use

Build 2

More advanced office or home use. Excellent for basic multitasking.

Build i3

Excellent for when you need more power or things to be done quickly! Our usual recommendation for home or office computers.

Build i5

Perfect for 2d CAD work. Also excellent if you want to upgrade into a gaming computer later.

Build - Gamer

Our most basic gaming computer. Excellent as a begining machine. Can play most new games at 30fps.

Build i5 - Gaming

More advanced gaming machine. This would be our recommendation if the game your playing has lots of units.

VR Gaming 1

Our basic VR PC - Brilliant for both VR and high FPS gaming.

VR Gaming 2

Our more advanced VR PC. This machine comes with much a much better motherboard allowing high levels of overclocking.

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