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About Us

We are an independent PC and Laptop repairer and retailer based in Wigston, Leicester. We service both individuals and businesses primarily around the Wigston & Oadby area.

We offer many support packages to meet your needs whether its a growing business, a family shop or a house full of gadgets. We are specialists in a range of modern needs ranging from network installation to CCTV installation to device repairs.

We strive to keep costs low and be as helpful as possible and have very friendly staff ready to help you with your problems. We offer free advice via email, through the phone or even face to face in the shop.

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To begin with all services will start with a diagnosis, this carries a charge of £25 which allows us to see what is wrong with the machine and the total price to repair it. The diagnosis tends to take around 48 hours and we will get back to you with the results as soon as we have them.

Once we receive your permission to continue we aim to get all repairs and services done in 48 hours (plus the delivery time of required components if we are out of stock) allowing us to get your laptop/desktop back to you with in 4 days (in most cases).

Prices vary depending on the required service, repair components and there are far too many for us to list. If you know what is wrong with the laptop you can request a quote from us for the desired repair here, please include the make and model of your laptop and the type of repair required with the request.

A laptop made by Lenovo

We sell both brand new and refurbished laptops. In our opinion if you are intending to spend less than £400 you are usually better off buying a refurbished laptop instead, this is primarily due to the decreased build quality of the laptops of the lower price ranges.

In our experience the best brand for a new Laptop is Lenovo, however new Laptops are released at a very fast pace so we generally recommend a different model each week.

If you would like to know more about the new or refurbished laptops we are recommending this week please contact us here.

A HP Desktop set
Office/Home Computers

If you would like a new PC to replace your unrepairable computer custom built, in our opinion, is the best way to go about it. In most cases all we require is the intended purpose of the machine, allowing us to get the best suited desktop for you, everyone requires a different computer as everyone's use is different. The best way for us to get you the best PC at the best price is for you to come into the shop and discuss it with us. We can build computers ranging from general purpose PCs to gaming PCs. Our large expertise allows us to include many items that a lot of shops can't including water cooling.

Alternatively you could always contact us with a maximum price and a purpose and we can get you the best possible PC for your money.

The internals of a gaming computer made by PC Active
Gaming Computers

As gamers ourselves we are happy to offer advice on new Gaming Computer Builds. If you email us with an idea of the games you would like to play, whether you intend to stream them and whether you'd like access to VR we are more than happy to provide you with both advice and a quotation on the type of computer we'd suggest for it. We try to make all our gaming computers as future proof as possible and we design them to last as long as possible. If you have a desired colour scheme we can build around it with both coloured components and lights and we also offer a range of high quality peripherals to help you becoming the best.

We can advise you on the best computer monitors for your selected games as well as the best way to set up your network to achieve the best latency.

All our gaming builds are thoroughly tested before being sent home so you can be sure that when you receive you won't have any issues with over heating and where possible all cables are hidden to improve aesthetic.

A QVIS CCTV camera

CCTV Installation from your local experts. All our security cameras are full HD allowing excellent picture, night vision enabled and accessable via your internet (good internet connection required). We service consumers, homes and businesses allowing everyone to have peace of mind. We offer free quotes to everyone in Leicester.

Our CCTV setups allow the user to configure motion detection and scheduling so only the important times are recorded. All our CCTV recorders come with the option of cloud backups and the option to configure email alerts.

Our quotes include all labour and materials and are individualized for our customers, this allows us to give you our best possible price for your installation.

To contact us please click here.

A Unifi Access Point

We provide professional network installations for both residential and business customers. More and more items require internet access to provide their full range of features so high level network installations are becoming more and more important as our connected lives expand. Whether its professional access point installations to increase your WIFI coverage or CAT 6 cable installations, we're here to help.

If you'd like to contact us for additional information or advice the best option would be to email us with the types of devices you want to connect as well as google maps address so we can get an idea of the property size.

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Refurbished Items

We are a registered Microsoft refurbisher and offer both refurbished Desktops and refurbished Laptops. As our refurbished items are constantly changing we do not have a list on our website and the best option is for you to visit our shop and discuss with us your requirements. All our refurbished goods come with a 60 day warranty.

The majority of our refurbished items come with either Windows 7 x64 or Windows 10 x64, however we do also stock items with other versions of Windows for special circumstances. All computers come with LibreOffice and Google Chrome installed by default and have previously been fully cleaned so there is no risk of receiving either viruses or data from the previous owner.

We normally keep a range of specs in store so we can help if you just need a normal computer for general use or a more advanced setup. If you find, within 1 week of purchase, that you require a more poweful computer we can credit the amount paid for the one purchased towards another.


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